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Workplace Consulting: poll results

Last week we posted some information about consulting to businesses on injury prevention and a short, three-question survey to gauge your general familiarity with this subject. The results were very interesting, as always. Around 400 PTs participated and the graphs below show the responses in percentages, so it’s quick and easy to see how many had the correct answer, represented by the green bar.

The first question, “Who pays the fee for providing an on-site injury prevention program, such as a Back School?” seems to have been a cinch, since a majority hit the nail on the head:

Lauren q A

On the second question, only 19% got it right (how did YOU do?). Here are the results:

Lauren q B

The third and final question had to do with NIOSH lifting techniques, and it seems that many of you picked “twisting” and “grip mechanics” as being excepted from the set. Good deductive logic, but the correct answer was… “body mechanics/lifting technique”! Take a look:

Lauren q C

We hope you enjoyed this quick poll! You are always free to comment or ask questions on our blog posts. And remember, if you want physical therapy continuing education credits while you learn how to develop a workplace consulting practice, check out Dr. Hebert’s audiovisual online course at EDUCATA. This is a 4-lecture course. Each lecture can be taken independently, in smaller bites, or the course (10 hours) can be taken as a whole. Earn every penny that you are worth!

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