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Marilyn Pink, PT, Ph.D., MBA -- President and CEO of EDUCATA

My name is Marilyn Pink. I am a physical therapist and one of the founders of EDUCATA, the leading physical therapy continuing education resource. We have worked hard to provide PTs high quality content with the convenience of online learning. I’m very excited about the opportunity to further interact with fellow PTs and medical professionals at large through the medium of this blog.

At EDUCATA, we have been frequently asked to discuss and present case studies. With this blog, we are responding to that request, starting with a shoulder patient and evolving into additional studies. These are meant as opportunities for dialog and discovery, and we encourage everyone to comment as we go along. My goal is to see if we are helping to fulfill your educational needs.

The case studies will be posted on this blog as well as on our Facebook page. We invite you to visit and join our growing Facebook community, and we hope that you will spread the word to your colleagues as well.

I look forward to share with, teach to and learn from you as we proceed. And I wish you a most rewarding career as a PT!

Marilyn Pink

Comments on: "About this Blog" (6)

  1. Michelle Arnold McMahon PT MLD/CDT said:

    I too an thrilled with the ability to share and receive ideas and knowleadge about patients as I am in an out -patient setting and sometimes there are things that are really complicated to discuss and gain better insight. It appears from reading this blog, we have a nice group of therapists who are willing to share ideas and clinical rational. Thank you for orgainzing this Dr. Pink – we appreicate your work.

  2. Sheila Mark said:

    This is a wonderful idea!

  3. Teresa King MPT, CMT said:

    Hi All! Has anyone out there worked with a post flatfoot reconstruction patient? In particular, this one had her navicular and a cuneiform bone fused, and the calcaneous cut and shifted and stabilized with a screw, plus I think the achilles was lengthened. Would love to know how much DF/PF I can hope to get back (all?) and how your patient turned out. There is nothing on the web to be found for rehab particulars. Thanks!!

    • lucky penney said:

      If you hear of anything- let me know! my son is supposed to have that particular procdure done. Trying to avoid…one of the pediatric docs noted that some of the approaches to correcting intoeing seem to cause the flat foot issues, along with a rotating of the long bones of the leg.

  4. Absolutely love the blog as I am a sole clinician in a small satellite clinic with no other PTs to bounce ideas off of. Dr. Pink – love the running chapter in Perry’s book and the swimming biomechanics paper from a few years back. Thanks for all that you do for us as a profession

    • Marilyn Pink said:

      Hey All –

      And thanks for your input!! I am VERY IMPRESSED by the Responses –people really are sharing their thought process rather than just ‘opinions’. Next week, I’ll post some free articles on the topics so that we can all start referring to the lit as we go through our thought process (and practice speaking in the Evidence Based manner — which isn’t always easy). So, hopefully by Blogging with Evidence Based we will all become more comfortable speaking and thinking in that manner as well!

      Thanks too, for your kind words and support. Over the next few months, we’ll try a few different formats so that we can then know which formats best met your needs. So, please let us know as we continue to move forward.

      Remember: this Blog is for YOU — so EDUCATA only want to do what mets YOUR needs. Your input is valuable so that needs of the practicing clinician are met and the professionalism recently exhibited continues to stimulate.

      Jonathan – glad you like those articles —you might also like this:
      one of my colleagues (Russell Mark @ USA Swimming) recently wrote this blurb (with videos). Those of us (Russell was in that group) who wrote that swimming article may do a course on swimming if there is enough interest – likewise with running – likewise we baseball. As a matter of fact, I’ve noodled on the idea of a Sports Series, but that would be later on.

      Teresa: Sorry, but I have no expertize in the foot. I did do a lit search on flatfoot reconstruction rehabilitation and this is what came up: Unfortunately, the articles aren’t very rehab-ish.

      At any rate, time to get on with my Friday! Best to each of you!

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