Continuing Education Bits for PTs & PTAs

It is PT Month and let’s focus on YOU as we open a 3-part series focus around the career ofmarilyn-pink-profile physical therapy.

As a PT myself, this month is the time I use for professional reflection: where I have been, where I am, where do I want to go, and how am I going to get there. Am I leveraging my past to be the best PT that I can be today? What have I given, what am I giving, what do I still want to give to our profession?

Given this is a ‘professional reflection’ month, let’s start by remembering your interview for school. Please take this short poll (below), and let’s engage into a conversation about this wonderful path we have taken. I look forward to what you have to say! 

Marilyn Pink, PT, Ph.D




There are no right or wrong answers — you’ve chosen a noble career and we salute you as we look forward to what you have to say.

And keep your eyes peeled for stories, reflections and tools that we will be publishing, which we hope will be useful in your professional life.

Comment at will!

Comments on: "What led YOU to become a PT or PTA?" (3)

  1. Brenda Tiffner, PTA said:

    Today my story is a funny story told time and time again:)
    I had a patient who was severely obese with an abdominal wound. This woman had a most spectacular sense of humor outwardly , although inwardly she fought depression. She made people feel like she wanted to feel I believe and at times others were able to give her such joy when they responded so well to her jokes.
    She asked me one day to go get her a tootsie roll from the vending machine and then asked for a Kleenex. She proceeded to chew the tootsie roll but then spit it into the napkin. She then asked me if I could get her nurse, (who thankfully also had a good sense of humor). The patient had a very serious look on her face when the nurse entered the room and she opened up her napkin and showed the nurse her chewed up tootsie roll stating ” this came out of my wound, what would it be?” The nurse studied it from a slight distance and then said gosh, I just am unsure what that is. The patient said well, I don’t know either but oh well and threw it into her mouth and said “No More of that”. The nurse stuttered and scampered unsure of why someone would do something so disgusting…..we could not hold it anymore from her, we said” no need to get so worked up over a tootsie roll and the nurse breathed in a sigh of relief and we all had a good laugh about it. I am always amazed by those patients that are able to make others laugh in their moments of suffering and turmoil.

  2. I do love my profession and thoroughly enjoy helping people recover function as well as provide hope but what I most enjoy is being a Sherlock Holmes sleuth. Clinical reasoning excites me!

  3. ABAH OLAMA Florent said:

    1-I intended to help people with disability;
    2-i was a hand-ball player and they called me in my team to do massages from time to time.

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