Continuing Education Bits for PTs & PTAs

A number of very significant laws that regulate our profession came into effect in January of this year. Some of them are changing the practice of physical therapy in California. Do you know what these are and how they impact you?

Law 2014

An example of changes include the area of DIRECT ACCESS: physical therapists are now legally allowed to see patients directly for musculoskeletal care. This, of course, grants a much larger degree of autonomy and independence to PTs. But, did you know:

  • What are the limitations of this law?
  • What are the parameters under which you can or cannot see patients without a referral?

Another significant and major change is in the PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION ACT, which now allows physical therapists to be employed by medical and podiatric corporations.

And yet another regulatory change is in the area of Supervision of PTAs. In this case, regulations have loosened up quite a bit and it’s important to fully understand the legal definition of “PT or record” and how it applies to PTA treatment.

To operate within the framework of these new regulatory conditions –or, better yet—to use the new environment to build a thriving career or practice–, the California PT needs to be thoroughly educated on these historic changes. The EDUCATA course, A Practical Approach to California PT Law — 2014 is fully updated with the new regulations and devoid of non-applicable, older laws.

This unique course presents vignettes of actual case examples to better illustrate, with examples, how the law is implemented.

DURING THE PERIOD OF TIME BETWEEN NOW AND APRIL 15TH, 2014, EDUCATA is making this course available at a special pricing:

  • For those who have already taken the course previously: purchase it now at half rate ($29.95). Send us an e-mail to so we can send you your personal coupon code.
  • If you have never taken the course before, purchase it at 25% discount of regular price, or $44.92, using coupon code CALAW2014.

This course is taught by Dr. James Dagostino, a well known PT and educator who specializes in all issues related to the legislation of physical therapy in California.  Dr. Dagostino was instrumental during the law change process in Sacramento and presents these issues from a unique perspective.

* * *

Now, going back to DIRECT ACCESS, the new law specifies, for example, that a physical therapist may see a direct access patient for 12 visits, or 45 days –whatever comes first. What is required for treatment past those parameters?

How will the new law changes affect YOU?

Chime in on your reactions to these law changes and the future of PT IN California!

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