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Let’s talk CAREER!

Today I’d like to approach this important topic because at EDUCATA, your career is our business. Over the years the academic degree requirements have been raised and overall reimbursements have decreased. In truth, the profession of medicine is treated as a commodity by the reimbursement community (i.e. the same amount of money will be paid for service regardless of who –within that profession– provides the service).

The quality of some of the mandatory CE is questionable, despite attempts by local boards to regulate and accredit providers. How do you learn best at this point in your career? Does this help you differentiate yourself?

So, this is your career – where is it going?  How can you assist it in the direction of your choosing? How can you stand out from the crowd of other PTs/PTAs? Do you even want to? What makes an OUTSTANDING therapist? How can YOU become the most desirable candidate for a job? Does it matter which schools you go to?

EDUCATA invites an open forum on this topic, so, please comment away! But we’d also like your input in a survey to better understand your needs and concerns. Any of you responding to the survey will be awarded an hour of free online physical therapy continuing education.

Additionally, we’d like to introduce you to a tool that you can use to provide a 360 view of your professional profile: a digital resume, which will  most certainly make YOU stand out!!! If you’d like to see an example of a digital resume, please click on to EDUCATA’s Facebook page to see  an example. If you like the concept of a digital resume, please just ‘like us’ on Facebook, and if this is a popular request, we will try to set up an instructional session for you to learn how to do it for yourself!

In the meantime, any of you who have tips on how to differentiate yourself and how you think people can become the most desirable candidate for a job in this market with decreasing revenues, please post your comments. We most certainly are interested in what you have to say!!

Best of wishes!

Marilyn M. Pink PT, Ph.D.

And this is how “Pushup +” came to be…

Pushup with a plus is no ordinary pushup. It does not mean you do it with more vigor or hold it for longer times. What is it, really, and why this quirky name?

Watch this 2-min video where I discuss the amusing origins of the term, then tell us what you think!

Now, if you are curious, take the poll, below then check the very bottom to see how you did!

You can read more about Pushup + in the article “Electromyographic analysis of the scapular muscles during a golf swing”  in our research library. It’s available for free but you need to be a registered EDUCATA member. That is also free, and simple to do.

In closing, a question: do you have suggestions for a progression to get to a full push-up with a plus? If so, comment away!



PS: if you answered all of the Serratus, in the poll above, you are right!

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